Radish Water Kimchi (동치미)

Radish Water Kimchi (동치미)


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This Dongchimi made scallions, pickled green chilli, ginger, Korean pear, carrot, paprika and watery brine. As the name dong(mean “winter”) and chimi(an ancient term for kimchi), suggests, this kimchi is traditionally consumed during the winter season. Dongchimi is fermented like other varieties of kimchi, but its maturing period is relatively short (2–3 days). The dongchimi is used as a soup for making naengmyeon, or served with tteok or steamed sweet potatoes to balance out the rich flavors.

동치미는 대파, 풋고추, 생강, 배, 당근, 파프리카, 소금물 등으로 만들어졌으며 전통적으로 겨울철에 먹는 김치입니다. 다른 김치처럼 발효되지만 숙성 기간이 비교적 짧습니다 (2~3일). 특히 냉면을 만들 때 국물로 사용하거나 떡이나 고구마를 곁들이면 풍미가 더해집니다.

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