Diced Radish Kimchi (깍두기)

Diced Radish Kimchi (깍두기)


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Radish Kimchi(called Kkakdugi) make consists of radish cut into small cubes and flavored with salt, red chili powder, spring onions, salted shrimand ginger. Fermentation takes about two weeks in a cool, and dry place. Eating Kkakdugi is good for your when the radish is crisp. This means before the radish becomes soft. Kkakdugi, along with other types of kimchi, is a popular dish in Korea.

무를 작고 네모나게 썰어서 소금에 절인 후 고춧가루  등 저희만의 특별 양념과 함께 버무려 만든 김치입니다.

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